Going Green


Cape Town is the number one destination in South Africa for International companies to come and shoot their advertisements and because of this, our industry has become a billion dollar industry in South Africa. But, there is a HUGE down side as this industry is not GREEN and it is a massive problem.


Plastic Water Bottles

One of the main reasons this industry has to go GREEN is because of the amount of plastic that is used on set.

img4For example, my personal ‘pet-hate’ are PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES. If 5 Cape Town Catering companies each feed 300 crew per day that is 1500 people per day. Each of these people drink, let’s say, 5 small plastic bottles of water per day (often is is much, much more) and they do this 5 days a week for 6 months. This means that, in the Summer months in the Cape, 225 000 plastic bottles are being thrown away and not biodegrading.

Then of course, there are the Winter months and more plastic water bottles. Then there are all the dreadful polystyrene take-away containers and poly cups that caterers use on set too. The list of non-environmentally friendly products used on set is endless…

I think of this and I shudder. So, we at Alex’s Catering are going to be using big water coolers from Oasis Water instead of using so many plastic bottles.

We’re always trying to come up with solutions to lots of problems and trying to make this industry aware and as green as possible.


Biodegradable Products

We use biodegradable take-away containers (for all the running meals we do and for when the crew don’t have time to sit and eat, their food is put in take away containers). We no longer use polystyrene on set AT ALL and we also use biodegradable serviettes and biodegradable cutlery from Green Home.


bio_green_boxes  bio_green_hamburger_boxes  bio_green_cutlery


SASSI Green List

Wherever possible, Alex’s Catering uses organic foodstuff, only serves fish off the SASSI green list. Please view the SASSI green list here below, or view their SASSI Card PDF (210 KB download).



End of the line – The Movie

end_of_the_line_movieThe end of seafood by 2048. The ocean without fish. Your meals without seafood. Imagine the global consequences. Narrated by Ted Danson this award winning, groundbreaking film reveals the impact of overfishing on our oceans. This is the future if we do not stop, think and act. Releasing at selected Nu Metro & Ster Kinekor cinemas countrywide on October 22nd – dont’ miss it, spread the word.

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